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Miscellaneous bits and peices which didn't fit snugly into any other part of the site. Dunno why I've gone through the effort to make all this stuff when I'm gonna die eventually but there you go

I'm also known by several stage names. Steven Barrett/ Amy Rot/ Myria Atom are all names I've used before on other projects.

Old games

These Scrap packs aren't really very representative of my style at all, and I wouldn't include them here except for the sake of completion. To me, despite only being years old, they feel ancient. They were made at times when I really had no clue who I was and I would compile them partially just to remind myself. Read them but be warned I no longer feel like the person who made them.

Frozen Tech Pack 1 (2013)- A .zip of old games and stuff that I never finished. For more details see this Tumblr Post. You can also download it here.

Frozen Tech Pack 2 (2014)- A second .zip of old games and stuff that I never finished. Tumblr Post. You can also download it here.

I don't know if there's a future for these scrap packs- I was thinking of making one a year, but there wasn't enough made in 2015, and it was also not meant to be a huge project. These two both sit nicely on their own.

Grand Theft Alto (2014)- Grand Theft Auto with every mechanic flipped- made for Ruin Jam 2014 & the first thing I've ever made that got LP'd

Lift Of Dreams (2014)- A small sim game set in an elevator full of weird monsters

Misc/ Various

About Me

Pastebin- Stuff comes and goes and gets locked and unlocked on my pastebin. It's disorganised, which is exactly how I like it.

Hidden Pages

Gallery- A slick gallery of hi-res screenshots from my games selected for their unusualness/how proud I am of them.

Portfolio- My portfolio. Although the gallery is my actual portfolio

The Vomiting Crystal- A few words about an area in D.S.A

Home Page- A link back to the homepage because I forgot to include it on the sidebar