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Oh, what's this? A Stupid page detailing what game you're going to make NEXT before your first game is even made yet, I hear you cry? Yeah, it is. So???

Also, I'd like to note, this page is only here because only having one item on the menu didn't look right. I wanted two pages.

I've been working on a game I'm pretty proud of since 2007, it's huge, futuristic, and personal. And I've been in love with it all 7 of those years. It's not complete, and I don't know when it will be. I will release it after D.S.A, with any luck.

Obviously I'm not ready to talk about it, but like, I refer to it often in conversation already, so I think I need a page for it despite the fact I haven't said what irt is, and also because I've y'know, done more than one game in my life (I've got so many games I still want to make/ tried to make and failed)