These are various things I've made. All of these were made in my spare time as indie projects. I'm a pretty hard worker, and I've managed to finish projects to schedule before. I've also released two packs of unfinished material, and I have another game almost entirely finished and due to be released this year. | Twitter | Website | Tumblr


D.S.A is a huge adventure game I made by myself in blitz 3D over 5 years, and released on (link). Throughout this project I learned about all aspects of game making from code, art, music, all the way to completion, release, and marketing it. I also worked with a cantractor to do two peices of music, so it also shows I can work with other people, too.


Mullet Princess (prototype)

This game was made as a test of the features of Monogame (A C# library modelled on XNA). I managed to put in what I consider the basics of a game pretty fast- you can move, go inbetween rooms (with NPCs int hose rooms unloading and loading when they're needed), scrioll, and read a cutscene from an embedded text file. I also put in a few neat transparency effects, because I'd never coded in anything that could do them before.

Riot (prototype)

Riot is a game I made in Unity in 2012. You can play it in browser by clicking here. This game was never finished and is also rough and profane, but the animation and presentation still feel good to me.