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Frozen Tech Pack 2014

Tumblr Post

After the success of the first Frozen Tech Pack (read: my family liked it), I found a bunch of other things I'd never finished and compiled a second. Kinda. In reality, I made both of these during near-mental-breakdowns*- I would feel like I didn't have enough to show for myself. So I compiled some old hard work. I figure there's no shame in showing people what happens behind my scenes; and also I might pick ssome of these up again some day. If you liked one, feel free to tell me.

I don't know if I'll keep making scrap packs once a year after this one- they depress me something feirce and I have also run out of decent stuff froom my archive.

It's available here! It's 21.28 Megabytes.

There's information in the zip itself. But here's the readme's if you want to read them without downloading the pack.


This is a multiplayer test thing game thing I made in I thiiiink August of 2014 because I was procrastinating on the music in D.S.A. I didn't want to talk to anyone and ask them to make music for me. I was scared. So I made this and put some effort into it instead of rushing it. It was such a solid engine and came about in such a short amount of time- it waas smoother than all the other 3D platformer engines I'd ever made because I'd learned a lot by now!!! Awesome. I still use the engine now for new stuff. Since I wrote this description I expanded this into something bigger (not yet released) and it's also the same engine powering Grand Theft Alto.


This is a little multiplayer testbed I made in 2014 as I was wrapping up D.S.A and wanted something to escape the pressure to. This isn't finished, but you can play it anyway, why not?


Arrow keys: Move
Enter: jump
Right shift: Action


WASD: Move
Space: jump
E: Action


IJKL: Move
O: jump
U: Action


NUMPAD 8456: Move
NUMPAD 0: jump
NUMPAD 9: Action



This is so rough and crappy I don't even know why I included it. Weird time I guess.


An RPG based around the characters of D.S.A in 2012? Or 2011? One of those times. I was thinking it'd be a bonus minigame in D.S.A but I never finished it. There's 2 enemies and only Alice has a special. Also, Alice has the surname "Cooper" instead of "Reynolds" like she does in the final game. I changed it, obviously, because it was too confusing.

up, down: select
Z: forward
X: Backwards


Grand Theft Alto

This scrap pack includes a copy of Grand Theft Alto, cause I considered it pretty scrappy at this point


I made Grand Theft Alto for the Ruin Jam 2014 with the intention of ruining video games. It was a direct parody in the most obvious way possible, take GTA, and fli every mechanic on its head. Your gun shoots backwards, cars drive upside-down on buildings, you can only play as a gay, black woman. And so on.

I came to hate this game a little after I made it, cause I thought it was not really what I wanted to turn on its head, it still feels like it has kind of a disregard for characterisation, something I accused GTA of. Naomi doesn't have much of a personality.

Try and find the game shop! The best conversations are to be found there!

LEFT MOUSE BUTTON: Fire weapon/ scroll through text
W,A,S,D: Move
E: Talk to NPCs (There is no prompt until after the cutscene finishes)
ESC/F12: Quit


Idea Idea

This is such an Alpha it's kind of a shame to see it so bad and dull here, cause it could've been better if I wasn't depressed while I made this.


This was an idea I had in 2012, a bunch of people are in a cave. You communicate with them using only proverbs, which you have to collect. Saying proverbs to people in different ways and places would make them act differently, get happier/sadder, feel something, change the path of the story etc.

This is how far I got before I lost interest. You get the idea. Also, if you want to steal this idea and do it better, go for it. Don't steal without my permission, though.

WASD: move
E: take ideas
R: say ideas


Insomnia Boy

This one is from when I was on TV Tropes. I didn't include it in the first post because it REVEALS I WAS EVER A POSTER THERE!!! BUT... It was so polished that I reeally wanted to show it.


I made this for a game jam on TV Tropes in 2010 (D.S.A's year!). I didn't want to admit I was ever on TV Tropes, but there you go. That was a long time ago, though. My posts from then kinda suck.

We picked the theme "lampshades", a very trope appropriate theme.

The instructions on how to play are in the actual game.

move: left, right
fire: click
shop: E


Internet Meme Random Generator

Eh, kinda fun I guess. Also one of the few things I produced in year 2 of school.


Press enter to generate the name of your internet meme!

This was an idea me and Artyom Levashov (a classmate) had which would be part of a tower defence game where you have to defend against internet memes, but we never made that. I made this, though! Which would generate the meme's names.



This one was a bit overambitious, especially given my skill level back then. It's kind of smooth though, definitley my smoothest game from that time. I was gonna have a cameo from DSA in the restaurant somewhere, cool.


Another unfinished game. This was my first attempt for the TV Tropes game jam, an adventure game. Didn't really get very far with it, but it's a solid engine! The idea was that there was a french restaurant called "the lampshade" that attracted a lot of "freaks". It was a metaphor for the TV Tropes forum

left click: walk/interact
right click: back


Pink Sex Dream

This one is pretty good for what I was feeling at the time.


I thought twice about including this one. I made it while very depressed in 2012. The signs you see around this place were taken from really old notebooks, I tried to find the most embarrassing, wildly sexual things I'd written and put them out in the open.

I don't know what this was "about", I was just trying to make something very unlike what I usually make, and more in touch with the dark side I try to avoid. I don't want to make more dark stuff, anymore.

I think the story revolves around someone (unknown gender) dreaming about someone they used to be in a relationship with.

I also remember wanting to make an FPS where you can't look up and down, after playing Vlambeer's Gun Godz.

There's three challenges, I think. There would've been more, but I couldn't stand this game before I'd finished it.

left click: fire/talk/examine sign
right click: sword
space: sprint
WASD: walk



A really, really, REALLY old game.


This is from way back in 2006. Hence it's full of bugs I have no idea how to fix, and so I've given you the .bb files, too. For instance, I think there's a memory leak or something, and that name field doesn't work.

It started as an experiment in saving a bunch of variables, which I gave humourous names. I got a whole bunch of inspiration from the variable names, and continued with it to make a little RPG.

The items don't show up in the inventory, and each item always occupies the same space. To get further, you need to interact with at least one item.

But yeah, this was an experiment in doing a text adventure. I thought I'd lost it. I kinda like it, now. I went through a period of hating my old stuff, but now I like it.

Also, it ends abruptly, and half the stuff can't be changed, such as name and avatar. The only thing I've added is a bit at the start that lets you change your gender, as before it defaulted to male. (sorry there's only 2 options, queer folks, but this WAS 2006 and I was only 16 and not very aware of the world.)

I: open/close inventory
up/down/left/right: scroll through options
space: select option

There may be more controls I haven't considered. This game's a mystery to me now.


Sensory Overflow

Out of all the games in the pack, I want to take this one somewhere. The idea is so solid and shown so badly in this


mild trigger warning for mental disorders.

I wanted to make a game that showed something through gameplay instead of dialogue. I illustrated depression and OCD in the form of game mechanics- when you get hurt, instead of attacking a health bar, it summons stuff.

for OCD, it summons larger and larger balls that take up the screen. The big ones summon small balls.
for depression, a single hit summons the cube, which fills up the screen and cannot be destroyed.

I was going to make it so you could assuade their effects by attacking the small balls, but I didn't add attacking to this version.

The game has no game over screen! The game ends when your computer gets overloaded, cause that's what it's like in real life!

Press esc to escape
left,right: move
up: jump



Another really, really, really, REALLY old one.


This is from 2006. I made games differently, then. This is more of a tech demo for me to test graphics out with. There's a "sentinel" (The Matrix?) on an island surrounded by water. It doesn't look great but that's because I was learning. There's sound, too! I wanted to get sound in the scene and make it kinda atmospheric!

You can move the thing, too, if you have a joystick. This was after I'd worked out the tech demo side of it.

There's also a bunch of other weird things in here, like a gif of me animating the sentinel, and a midi of a song from kingdom hearts? Boy, this is a real time capsule.

A,Z: zoom
up,left,right,down: rotate around sentinel
joystick button 1: move (I think)


The Strangery

My most famous scrap, had 2 computers to itself at our end of year show, got played by my friends and no-one else. The time limits probably had something to do with it.


This is the Strangery! The roguelike I made and didn't finish as part of my project for my final year of college! It's pretty good now I return to it!

There's a bunch of notes in a word document here, which still apply, so read those for in depth notes.

There aren't as many enemies as I planned, and there's only one dungeon boss (in the basement, if you want to know) I also think you move too slowly. The head's heads can't come off entirely cause there's only one boss to defeat. As far as I know, only one person's defeated the head in this form. His name is Jack Stalley and I've no idea how he did it.

If you defeat the head, nothing happens, so make sure you tape it.

All your teammate's healths decrease as time goes on, some faster than others, so keep feeding them.

There's still lots missing from this one, and I might add it some time.

Also, if you die it asks you if you want to save. It doesn't save.

This went down pretty well at the end of year show at college, and I'm glad people like something I put a lot of effort into.

up,down,left,right: move
esc: pause/feed
tab: switch menus while paused
Z: shoot left
X: shoot right
space: huddle together (hold)


The Legend Of Mycock

Nice sprites here. That's its only strong point.


This was something I doodled in 2012 or 2013, I can't remember. You were a girl walking through a desert and every so often you'd find cool things in the desert. (spoiler: you won't. I never placed anything outside of the starting area because the game made me feel kind of sad)

I liked the idea of having sideways-scrolling bits acting as shortcuts between parts of the desert. Those don't work either.

The name "mycock" comes from a company who owns seemingly everything in Yorkshire. When I rambled up there, me and my friends made it into a running joke.


up,down,left,right: move

up: jump
left,right: move


Zeldalike Pure

A cool thing with the BBs included that you can use. It's also not very up to date. I'd later use this engine to make "Juiced", but with a LOT of updgrades.


Here's the "zeldalike" engine for you Blitz-lings to fuck around with and make your own zeldalikes! collisions and a tile engine are in, and nothing else. See "stage" for how to change the stage. There's also a tileset I made, that's about it. It can't handle changing rooms, or attacking, or anything beyond what I just said. I think there's a cutscene engine in there! It was a long time ago, so you're going to have to work it out. Cause to be honest so will I.

up,down,left,right: move
(You can add your own controls btw)


* The second breakdown was worse.