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D.S.A is a project I have been working on since 2010. It's an adventure/action game about 3 girls in a Christian/Dance/Crunkcore fusion band. Their names are Alice, Wendy, and Dorothy, and they all have a different idea of the band's genre, direction, and name.

The game follows them one night after a bad gig. The band have fallen out, got drunk, presumably on drinks spiked with hallucinegenics, and got lost on their college campus.

The game is an adventure game, albeit a fairly simple one. I've avoided complicated item puzzles and just used mechanical/ object puzzles. You solve most of them by switching between the 3 protagonists, all lost in different areas, far away from eachother. Action elements, including fighting, enter the game later.

Instead of using a mouse, you move with the D-Pad and use Z to examine objects, and X to use them.

The game was made mostly in chronological order- early parts of it were made way back in 2010 and are kind of stupid to me now- later parts were all made in 2013, although the entire thing was in my head long before that. I'm happy to have made it into a real thing, basically exactly how it appeared in my head years ago!

The game's art is rough, but this was the way it was when I first came up with it. I can't really imagine it any other way. Despite this, I tried to make sure atmosphere comes across in every room. There's over 400, and they're all drawn individually. The individual items and NPCs are all drawn individually too, and while the game lacks animation in a lot of places, I think I still put a ton of effort into it. This game is what I'd call "feature-length" for a game of its type.

The screen is also a bit windowboxed, this too is a remnant of when I started. The game's come a long way, but trust me, you get used to the graphics, even though it feels weird at first.

The mechanics complete it; the world of the game is massive, and full of secrets. There are 6 "dungeons", several weapons and upgrades, over 8 boss battles, and a story I'm proud of. This has taken huge amounts of work, so don't be fooled by the basic art.

I'm still working hard on this game, I've reached the end of the story and I'm just going back and adding the missing bits to it. It should definitley be finished this year, but I can't estimate as to exactly when.