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A.M.V Rot 1: First Edition

"A.M.V Rot" by Amy Rot is a music project I started in 2014. I listened to Neil Cicerega's "Mouth Sounds", a now-legendary mashup album, and was like "damn, that looks easy. I could do that." (spoiler: It was not easy)

All the things I made were awful. I couldn't get the sound levels right, I couldn't isolate the audio, I didn't really understand how to do anything. Then I decided, why do you need to? What if the music was just LIKE that? Like, when people make art out of poorly drawn clip-art graphics, or jpeg artifacts. I always thought those kinds of pictures were beautiful, in a weird way. I feel the Amy Rot albums are the audio version of that.

Since I couldn't make things sound good, I would leave them sounding bad. I would breach new territory in music. Okay, I guess that's a little pretentious. I made the first album out of what I had already made, even though it sucked. In turn, those were made from ideas from old Youtube Doubles I made in the past, but tried to make into real mashups, with better timing, etc.

Originally I wanted to just make an album to collect all the mp3s littering my media player library together, but then I came up with the idea of putting in neat, proper transitions between each track. I decided to make the album properly.

A day later, I had made the album. I recorded vocal parts for it, edited them in, drew a cover, and it was on Youtube that evening. I listened to it over and over like "wow! I made an album! I didn't expect to be doing this today!" Most of the views on the youtube video are mine.

There was a mistake, however. By exporting m3s over and over again and building the rest of the album on top of the MP3s, the whole album was really low, tinny quality. It made it even better.

Later that year I released a Christmas mashup album that didn't make this mistake. I feel like the Christmas Album is actually the better of the two. It's funnier, better while still being shit, and a better intro to the A.M.V Rot experience all-round.

A.M.V Rot 2 is due out whenever it's finished. In the meantime, a few singles are available on my soundcloud and hidden amidst the tumblr. The tracklist so far is on my pastebin somewhere


A.M.V Rot 1 - (Youtube only)
A Very Amy Rot Christmas EP - (Youtube only)

A.M.V Rot 1: Japanese Edition


Shinedown with the Sickness - (Youtube only)
Enough to make my System Blow - (Youtube only)
Anacoppa - (Youtube only)


Soundcloud - Soundcloud